Scheduled task monitoring
for Laravel

Ship with confidence knowing your most critical jobs are running on time Dashboard


Monitoring tasks just got easy

The most comprehensive list of Laravel-specific task monitoring features from people who know.

  • Auto-Syncing Tasks integrates with your deploy process so your task list is never out of sync.

  • Native Task Monitoring

    No need for workarounds or overrides. We contributed directly to Laravel so automatic tools like this can exist.

  • Actionable Dashboards

    Don’t just look at your dashboards, gain actionable insights to make sure your tasks run on-time every-time.

  • All the Notifications
    Coming soon

    Slack, SMS, Telegram, Email, we have them all. Customizable at the team, project, and task level for your convenience.


Reliability without breaking the bank


$14 $ 9 /month
  • 1 Team Member

  • 1 Project

  • Unlimited Task Monitors

  • 7 Day Event Log

  • Output Logging

Most popular


$19 $ 14 /month
  • 3 Team Members

  • 10 Projects

  • Unlimited Task Monitors

  • 14 Day Event Log

  • Email Support

  • Output Logging


$59 $ 49 /month
  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Task Monitors

  • 30 Day Event Log

  • Email Support

  • Output Logging

Pay annually and get two months free!

Automatic setup

Add our package to your application, run the setup command, and you're ready to go.

We'll start monitoring – and reporting – as soon as your app pings for the first time.

Automatic Setup

Never miss a change

Running the thenpingme:sync command as part of your deploy process will ensure all of your changed, added, and deleted tasks are kept up to date.

Your app/Console/Kernel.php file is your single source of truth!

Never Miss a Change

Verify task configuration

Verify your task schedule, in order to ensure your tasks can be monitored.

Avoid task collision and duplication from making its way to production by verifying your schedule as part of your build process.

Verify Task Configuation


Track the performance of your tasks

It's good to know when your tasks fail. It's even better to know how they perform over time.

Know how many times your tasks run, how long they take, how much memory they consume, and whether or not they're raising alerts over time.

Find performance issues early, and stop bottlenecks from creeping into your apps.

Identify problematic tasks

A task that raises an alert every now and then might seem sporadic, or random, affected by time or constrained resources.

Actionable dashboards help you gain valuable insights into your application that will help you ensure your scheduled tasks are running on-time every-time.


Configurable alerts

We want you to start monitoring as soon as possible, with as little configuration as possible.

There are times, however, where you need some control over your alerts.

If your periodic reports take a little longer to run, or you expect a task to miss a ping every now and then, we have you covered to avoid false negatives.

You can blame Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda for this.