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Monitoring tasks just got easy

The most comprehensive list of Laravel specific task monitoring features from dudes who know.

  • Auto-Syncing Tasks

    Integrating ThenPingMe into your CI process means your task list will never be out of sync.

  • Native Task Monitoring

    No hacky work arounds or class overrides. We PRed the code that Laravel uses to report your tasks.

  • Actionable Dashboards

    Don’t just look at your dashboards, gain actionable insights to make sure your tasks run on-time every-time.

  • All the Notifications

    Slack, SMS, Telegram, Email, we have them all. Customizable at the team, project, and task level for your convenience.


Reliability without breaking the bank


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  • 1 Team Member

  • 1 Project

  • Unlimited Task Monitors

  • 7 Day Event Log

Most popular


$ 🤩 /month
  • 3 Team Members

  • 10 Projects

  • Unlimited Task Monitors

  • 14 Day Event Log

  • Email Support


$ 🥰 /month
  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Unlimited Projects

  • Unlimited Task Monitors

  • 30 Day Event Log

  • Email Support

You can blame Jacob Bennett and Michael Dyrynda for this.